The Energy Equation

Best selling book number 5 in WHSmith Heathrow Airport

The Energy Equation in WHSmith Heathrow


Great tips to re-energize and become more productive



A Must read for busy professionals



A great read to gain balance in  your life



An easy read that has helped me master myself and my work








Increase your performance, reduce stress and enjoy life


  • 30% of us work more than 48 hours per week. As we try to pack more things into our day, we become increasingly stressed, overworked and tired.
  • Most people finish their working day too exhausted to do anything much more than eat, watch TV and fall in to bed. It’s hardly a recipe for a fulfilment and it’s something that everyone wishes they could change.
  • The Energy Equation explains how we all have the potential to get 15 hours of fully-energised waking hours from our day, and shows us just how to achieve it.

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“The Energy Equation – how to be a top performer without burning yourself out” by Daniel Browne is out now.  You can get a copy on, or from Waterstones, Foyles and selected WHSmith‘s stores.

Book Launch February 2013