Are You Inspired by What You Created? – Vision Board Review


In my last post I talked about Vision boarding.  I’ve heard a lot about creating a vision board from my more right brained friends and always resisted doing one.  I’ve been far too logical for that but after countless stories and a friend recently telling me how the girlfriend he met matched his vision board I thought ok maybe I should give it a try.

After the first attempt some more insights came to me

Review it

In the last post I spoke about creating it.  Now the next thing is to give it a review does what you put down inspire you or is it just something you thought looked good.  After reviewing mine I realised most of my vision boards were uninspiring and more from the ego than the heart..  Only my relationship one really inspired me – I felt good looking at it.  The others were a bit blah.  So I went to work embellishing them until I felt I had something a lot more inspiring.

Display it

If you create your vision board on your computer the danger is it will stay there unless you will view it often.

It needs to seep into your subconsciousness.  There are several ways to keep it present

1. Create a slide show.  By saving your powerpoint file as a jpg file you can convert it into pictures that you can add to your screensavier

2. Create a habit of looking at it regularly say every morning

3. Schedule in your calendar say on the weekend to review your vision board.

4. Print it out to and put it somewhere prominant.  I have all my written goals onthe back of my front door so I see them everytime I leave the house.  I will stick a vision board here as well

5. Create a Calendar:  I came across a great deal on to print a calendar for 99p (plus postage) and I thought why not turn my vision board into a calendar, that way  not only will I have a display of my board, I’ll have a calendar too and will get to stare at the same vision board every month. So I’ve ordered and am waiting for it to arrive.

The main thing is don’t let your vision board be forgotten for too long

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