How to Charge What You are Worth

Homeless Man

I’ve just finished reading an excellent book by Dr John Demartini, called How To Make One Hell Of A Profit and Still Get In To Heaven.

One of the exercises Demartini recommends is to determine your hourly value by starting with a number and then increasing it until you get to a value you feel comfortable with.  He recommends tuning into your heart in order to see what you feel is a good value.  Too little and you’ll be cheating yourself, too high and you’ll feel like a fraud.  I decided to give it a go.  I used a variation testing technique using a kinesiology which tests the strength of your muscles when you make a statement.  You ask a question and get an affirmative or negative response.


So I started with the question, what is my hourly rate?  How much am I worth per hour?

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The easy way to start meditation

Businessman meditating in a park


In my last post I wrote spoke about the reasons for mediation and the various ways you can do it.

Here I will explain what to do when you are just starting out with medtation.

Meditation at basic level is dropping your mental activity to Alpha.  The brain frequency of an active alert brain is Beta.  Alpha is the state where we get to when we close our eyes and is the conscious state before sleep.  At this state the brain is relaxed and open to suggestion.

Meditation number 1 – Breathe Focus

This is an unglamorous meditation.  It is pretty easy to begin but can be difficult if you have a busy mind.

1. Focus on your breathing – sit up straight, sit still and breathe in for 4 counts and breathe out for 4 counts.

Time your counts so you breathe deeply but comfortably.

Breathe in from you diapraghm.

If you feel dizzy relax and move closer to your normal breathing pattern.


 The Nothingness Mediation

A powerful and simple meditation for beginners, especially if you are a busy bee.  The philosophy is to simply sit still.

Breathe into your stomach without straining and repeat this mantra in your head:

“There is nothing I need to do right now”, “There is nothing I need to do right now”

Keep repeating this but own it as your thought.  Tell it to yourself and your body.  After a few minutes you should start to feel yourself relax.


Guided meditations

I found guided meditations the easiest to get into.  The main thing with guided meditations is you need to like the voice and style of the facilitator otherwise they can be distracting.  I have some guided meditations around increasing your energy and sleep in my energy booster.