How To Be Productive When you Suffer from Social Media ADHD

Social Media Addiction

It’s annoying isn’t it, you log into Facebook, Twitter or Linked in to do one thing and 10 minutes  later you’ve either completely forgotten what you logged in for or you’ve only just remembered it after getting lost in the distraction.

I have to admit I’m easily distracted online I would almost say I have Social Media ADHD (Attention deficity hyperactivity disorder). The online world responds to my every thought pulse, every “I must do X”, every “let me see if so and so is online”, every “oh yeah I remembered I was supposed to get back to so and so”. It’s a bit like an addiction. My mind loves being busy my brain’s synapses firing with every action that I can get done online. The problem is that is unproductive and I finish wondering where my time went.
Yes I’ve read Getting Things Done and I’ve done Mission Control, so I know how not to distract myself and do switch off my wifi connection when I need to focus. This has definitely helped. However what happens when you need to use LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook it’s an online activity? When I’m logged in it gives me the opportunity to catch up on all the things that I haven’t done, there are messages to respond to, invitations to accept. It’s the equivalent of another email inbox.
So I’ve created 3 habits to deal with social media use:

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