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A Wealth of Experience

I’ve worked for over 10 years in the world of business and finance in investment banking, corporate strategy and consultancy.  I’ve mainly worked at the top level with CEOs, executive teams and strategy departments.  Helping them decide on new markets, plan strategic change and launch new businesses.

How I can help you

I work pretty closely with my clients and consider myself a stakeholder in their business while I’m with them.  I’m here to ensure that you win.  I generally work with companies as a coach, consultant or interim FD or interim strategy director.

here are some of the cases why you’d employ me.

Start ups/Early stage:

For early stage companies there will always be way too much to do.  Especially when seeking funding.  You need to write your business and financial plan while also continuing to gain traction so that the trajectory of your business looks good.  As a business coach I help you get the clairty and focus and get your investor materials done.  I’ve spent over 5 years writing and reviewing business plans for private equity and VCs so know what a great business plan looks like.  I can help you put your best face forward to future investors.

  • Getting your business model right
  • Creating an investible business plan
  • Getting funded
  • Getting to the next stage of growth
  • Creating a realistic financial plan

Small and Medium enterprise

The pressure doesn’t really lift when your an SME you still need to ensure that your business is ahead of the game and be ready for your next move.

I can help you prepare for your next move.  Whether that is a new market, new product or gaining funding.

  • What’s next- figuring out your next move as business owner
  • Moving from Overwhelm to Clarity and Action
  • Getting to the next stage of growth
  • Turnaround coaching
  • Creating winning teams
  • Motivating you and your teams
  • Putting the Energy into your business

Why I coach business owners

While I enjoyed working for large corporates I realised the time had come for me to get out of the stands and get on the court. I had spent a lot of my of my spare time in seminars on leadership, business and team management training and I wanted to use this in my work.  I believe businesses create the future and I love helping leaders to usher in a new future.

What makes me a good business coach

I bring the strategic and financial knowledge with an understanding of people and teams.  I have a wholistic approach to business and can work at many levels.

I’ve helped clients raise over £20 million pounds in funding and larger clients raise even more,   I’ve worked with blue chip and early stage companies helping them establish their businesses and gain funding.

Daniel Browne, is an extraordinary consultant and business coach. He has the ability to make complicated things simple, break down the barriers, explain and create solutions that empower, transform and personally have me light up with excitement and get present, through his guidance to the opportunity that I have created with my business.
In one conversation, Daniel totally shifted the whole context around where I’m going and had me clearly see what was right in front of me that I hadn’t seen in 4 years of doing this, which also happened to be one of my personal intentions in life.

I have been left fulfilled, excited and in a whole new space of being empowered to boldly take on the next phase of my business with uber amounts of confidence.

Emma Ponsonby – CEO, Emperia

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