Personal Expansion


Do you feel like you’re capable of more?
You’re already accomplished.  People consider you to be you to be successful.
Yet deep down, you know you are capable of more.  You have a big dream that doesn’t feel possible.


But I’m here to tell you that it is?
I work with high achievers to help them create and recreate their new year powerfully. This isn’t an ordinary session where you create New Year’s resolutions.  This is a powerful session where you create your life for the year ahead and beyond.  Areas that were once stuck start to shift.  The sessions leave people inspired and with a brand new lease of life.  Miracles tend to show up after a session.   Some then go on to work with me for a longer period.
The coaching clients I’ve had have created amazing results, they take on dreams that they didn’t know how to achieve and achieve them.

Here are just a few examples of working with me:

  • A successful executive in her 40s had been single for many years and after a string of unfulfilling relationships had become resigned about dating and given up.  We sat down and after a two hour conversation she saw what was subconsciously stopping her attracting the type of men she was looking for.  We cleared out these blocks and changed her dating strategy to attract the kind of guys that she was looking for.  Within 24 hours of our session she had received several offers for dates from eligible men.


  • One of my entrepreneur clients had a dream of launching her own e-commerce business.  When we started to work together, she had just quit her job to go full time on her company.  Within the year she raised $100,000 dollars from a single investor an amazing result for a business with just a demo site. She has gone on to raise an additional $130,000 a high sum for a start-up.


  • A senior associate lawyer had been struggling with meeting her billing targets each year.  She joined my 6 months partner fast track programme and for the first time in 5 years was way ahead of her targets from the first half of the year.
  • A professional services business owner with a staff of six was struggling with high staff turnover and was just about keeping his business afloat.  Through our working together, he saw that he had subconsciously been sabotaging his business.  He had an internal struggle that meant the more successful he was the more people wanted a piece of him so he had been subconsciously pushing staff and clients away. After our 4 months of coaching together he has a renewed energy and enthusiasm for his business and went back to attracting success and new clients.  We developed new strategies for his business and he successfully increased his prices by 66% he is now has a more profitable business with fewer clients.

Who are you?

  • You are at the cusp of what’s next for you and you have a sense that there is more to life than what you are up to
  • Maybe you have a big idea, dream or plan but not quite sure how to make it possible
  • You are highly ambitious, courageous, committed, and raring to go
  • You don’t NEED help but you are aware that coaching will get you to where you are faster and have you see bigger than your current reality

Choose your miracle and we’ll dive in deep
What would you love to create that you can see is possible but are not sure how to achieve it?  What would you like to transform in your life? For starters maybe you’d like to

  • Start a business
  • Get more time away from your existing business
  • Transform your career
  • Expand your leadership in the world

Or maybe you’d like something more.


In this powerful creation session you will:
#1 Get crystal clear on what you want
#2 Identify the blocks that have been holding you back
#3 Leave the session renewed, inspired and ready to create something new