Business and Wealth Blocks Clearing



Are you not taking the action you know you need to take to be successful?

Are you sabotaging  or avoiding your sales and marketing efforts

Are you finding it difficult to value your services?


 Are you are not taking the actions you need to take or despite putting in a lot of effort nothing seems to be flowing?


If so you may have hidden blocks to money success and getting into action.
Hidden blocks are subconscious programs that stop us taking the action we want to take.  We know we want to take a certain action but something stops us.  Either we procrastinate or we just can’t seem to focus on anything.
Here  are some examples of this:
  • Not valuing your self and your services
  • Blocks to receiving money
  • Success sabotage mechanisms
  • Unclarity about your proposition
  • Sales sabotage
  • Procrastination in taking action
I am holding initial diagnosis sessions to see what’s holding you back. These sessions are free for business owners.
In the session we go through a series of common money and success beliefs which tend to hold people back and then see if you have a specific beliefs that are holding you back.
I also do an energetic scan to see if there is anything in the way there.
The only criteria really is you need to be open minded.
With this kind of work you can often get very metaphysical out of the box answers so you need to be open to the unexpected.
If there is nothing holding you back then great.  If there is then we will create a solution to clear these blocks for you.
If this is for you then email below: