Intuitive Dating

Discover how to attract your ideal partner using the law of attraction, your Intention and Intuition

A seven week online course with Daniel Browne – Nov 18th to Dec 16 th 2018

BETA course for a limited time only

Dating in the internet age can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With our busy lives and the endless choices, dating can become a second job and sometimes no matter how many dates you go on it seems that you just can’t find the one.

Modern dating techniques are based on rules and strategies for successful playing the game. They are based on the premise that there is something wrong with you and you need to gain some new skills in order to date.  This may be the case but ultimately we want to have a partner that likes us for who we are.  Your ideal partner won’t expect you to be a slick dating professional they will want you as you are.

This is the intuitive dating approach; cutting through the strategies, and the game playing to simply attracting your ideal match by using the law of attraction and your natural intuition.

When you are tuned into the law of attraction dating becomes easier. All sorts of synchronous events start to happen and you find great dates without even trying. Dating is less of a chore and becomes fun and effortless. We’ve all been in that zone where we are attracting without trying, well this course is about that; tapping into the Zone of Attraction so that you start to draw your ideal partner to you.  You then use your intuition to help you make the right dating decisions which makes sorting through online profiles easier.  Whether you choose online dating or offline dating you will be able to use the intuitive tools in this course to help you speed up the process.


I developed this course from my own experience of manifesting dates.  I found that I could meet the kind of partner I wanted within a few weeks of stating what I wanted.  I used vision boards, declarations, spread sheets and other tools and they all worked!  Then there were times when I would go on countless dates and not meet anyone worthwhile. Overtime I learnt how to use my intuition to cut through the many and select the few candidates – this helped me find my current relationship.

This wasn’t limited to me, when I used this approach with my clients, something would shift with them and within a few days they were attracting more compatible dates.

I was so excited that the luck wasn’t just limited to me that I decided to teach this.  Actually it was more of an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone.  I’m a business coach and intuitive life coach and didn’t really fancy seeing myself as a dating coach but then I trusted my intuition (of course) guidance despite the protestations of my mind and that’s how intuitive dating was born.




What you will learn on this course:


  1. How to use your natural intuition to navigate the world of online & offline dating
  2. How to get really clear on what you want
  3. How to stop attracting the kind of dates that you don’t want
  4. How to get into the Zone of Attraction where what you are seeking is also seeking you
  5. How to free yourself from the blocks, beliefs, past hurts and disappointments that hold you back from attracting what you desire.

Cut through the fluff, save yourself time and ultimately find the partner that you are seeking.

The course starts on Sunday November 18th

 Midday – Pacific time  – 5.00 pm Eastern Time – 8pm UK



Your questions answered

What is it?  The Intuitive Dating is a 6 week programme taught online via zoom.  Each week we will teach you the steps to getting  into the zone of attraction:

Who is it aimed at? Men and women who want to bring compatible matches into their life

When does it start?  The course launches on Sunday Nov 18th and then runs Sunday see below

What happens?  Each of these live webinars lasts around 90 minutes.  Daniel will teach you the powerful tools for harnessing the power of intention, and using for tuning into your intuition.  These calls are also interactive and experiential, so you will have ample time for practicing techniques and to get coaching.

What if I miss a call?  The calls are recorded, and after each webinar you’ll be sent a link to the latest recording.

Anything else? There will be a private Facebook group where you can share experiences and ask questions from Daniel

The course is taught over 6 weeks with 6 x 90 min sessions, Q&A and coaching

Places are limited.

How much is it?

We are doing a specially priced Beta price.  The full price will be £1,000 (approx $1,300) for this beta course the price will be only £250 (approx $197).  This offer is available until 1st November after which the price will rise to £300 (approx $260).

One 2 One clearings

Did I answer your questions?

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me by email is or use the form below




Week by week overview


Week 1  – Getting clear on what you want

In this week we help you create  your ideal relationship and the characteristics of your ideal partner. By being clear on what you want and specifying it you will find it easier to attract what you want.


Week 2 – Clearing week 1

In this week we work at clearing out whatever is in the way of attracting your ideal partner.   These will be energetic blocks due to past regrets, failures and areas of resignation.  These are the 4 Rs – resignation, regret, resentment and fear of rejection.


Week 3 – Clearing week 2

In this week we identify the beliefs, energetic blockages and blind spots that get in the way of you manifesting what you want.  We will start to clear away the energies of these blocks.


Week 4 – Raising your Vibration

We use a powerful meditation to open the heart and get into the zone where you are vibrating at a frequency that super charges your energetic attractiveness.


Week 5 – Intuitive tools to navigate the world of dating

Here we will learn about intuition and learn powerful intuitive tools to navigate the world of online and offline dating.  Muscle testing.


Week 6 – Intuition and Living in the Zone of  attraction

Second week on intuitive tools.   Tuning into your intuition and the human energy field.







“My previous relationship with my ex became a barrier for me to successfully meeting someone new. From working with Daniel I realized I had an incompatible soulmate bond with my ex that was hard to break. We manged to break the bonds of this relationship after a couple of sessions.  This left me completely free to move on. Within a few weeks of my last session with Daniel I found my current partner with whom I am very much in love Mark



“Since our session I’ve been attracting decent sounding guys left right and centre”

Rob P



“I had given up hope of meeting men.  I seemed to attract guys who were just not at my level.  The week after my session with Daniel I just started getting approached by lots of guys”

Debbie R





If you have any questions feel free to contact me below: