Money and Success Clearing course


Do you feel blocked around money?

Are you not taking the action you know you need to take to be successful?

Are you sabotaging  or avoiding making money

Are you finding it difficult to value your services?

or maybe you put a lot of effort into making money but nothing seems to flow.

If so you may have hidden blocks to money success and getting into action.
Hidden blocks are subconscious programs that stop us taking the action we want to take.  We know we want to take a certain action but something stops us.  Either we procrastinate or we just can’t seem to focus on anything.
The money clearing course is a group version of the 121 theta healing sessions I do.

We will test for and clear common subconscious beliefs that people have around money and success. We will also work with some individuals in the session. These are not as deep as individual sessions but we work with a list of common beliefs to clear around money.

The good thing about this format is that we can test for many beliefs in a short space of time. You may find that there are only a few blocks that pertain to you or you may have many. Either way that is fine.


We will be working with the unconscious and energetic beliefs that we carry. These beliefs are either learned from our life experiences or passed down from our family lineage or from the culture and the groups that we belong to.
By releasing these blocks we free up our emotional and mental energy making it easier to have abundance and freedom and to attract, create and keep money.

These are the categories we will work on.
• Beliefs around making/earning money
• Blocks to being successful or having a successful business
• Beliefs about having to sacrifice, struggle and work hard for money
• Poverty consciousness and patterns around being poor

What is it?  A 7 week course taught online via zoom.  Each week we will release blocks for you to get into teach the zone of attraction where you attract more opportunities, new ideas and inspirations and money.

Who is it aimed at? Men and women who want to bring want to make more money have more success and abundance or to stop sabotaging your success

When does it start? The course launches on the 14th November 

What happens?  Each of these live webinars lasts around 90 minutes.  Daniel will teach you the powerful tools for harnessing the power of your intention and clear away the blocks in the way in having money show up or you taking the actions to show up.   These calls are also interactive and experiential, so you will have ample time for practicing techniques and to get coaching.

What if I miss a call?  The calls are recorded, and after each webinar you’ll be sent a link to the latest recording.

Anything else? There will be a private Facebook group where you can share experiences and ask questions from Daniel

The course is taught over 6 weeks with 6 x 90 min sessions, Q&A, energy clearing and coaching.

Places are limited.

Dates for the course:
  1.  19th November  (Tuesday)
  2.  26th November (Tuesday)
  3.  3rd December (Tuesday)
  4.  10th December (Tuesday)
  5.  12th December  (Thursday)
  6.  15th December (Sunday)
The numbers are limited to groups of 6-8 people to ensure that we can work with everyone. 
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If you have any questions then email below to daniel[at]

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