Vision Boarding for Perfectionists, Left Brainers, Corporates and Powerpoint Lovers

Vision Powerpoint
Vision Powerpoint

I’ve always wanted to make a vision board but I am a bit of a perfectionist.

The thought of cutting and pasting magazines into a collage that looks like a mess just doesn’t do it for me.

I would have to create a work of art and I haven’t done art since secondary school.

So one day while working out how to create a vision board I came up with the idea of using Powerpoint.  I’ve spent most of my life creating pitchbooks and presentations in powerpoint so I concluded I might as well use it.

It’s actually very easy to make.  There a couple of great things about using powerpoint.

You can cut and paste pictures into a slide really easily, and you can draw and add text as you wish. Power point also allows you to create an album from a series of pictures.

How to go about it:

  1. Create a new presentation
  2. Create a slide for each area of your life:  e.g. Career, Relationships, Money, Family etc.
  3. Add a title for each slide simply as the area or as an accomplishement.  e.g. Career I have been promoted to …
  4. Find the images you want using google search or use ones you’ve taken
  5. Copy and paste them into a slides, and add text shapes or whatever you want

That’s it.  Easy.

Print out your slides so that they don’t just exist on your computer.  Place them in different areas around the house or office.  So the relationship one shouuld go in the bedroom.  Career in your office. The others where it makes sense for you to put them.

Here are some I created

Slide2 Slide6 Slide8 Slide9 Slide10 Slide11

3 Replies to “Vision Boarding for Perfectionists, Left Brainers, Corporates and Powerpoint Lovers”

  1. “Find the images you want using google search” you’re not actually allowed to do that. Most images on Google are protected by copyright.

      1. I’m not probably right, I am right. No one may know but nowadays a lot of images are digitally watermarked so that the owners can see who is steeling them.

        If someone commits a crime but doesn’t get found out does that make it ok? It’s not about ‘who will know’ it’s about honesty and morals. And I personally find a blog post telling people to do something that is not actually allowed to be wrong 🙂

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