Archetype Consultation

Maximize Your Personal Power and Realize your True Potential with the Power of your Archetypes

Archetypal coaching and consultations

Most people are unaware of their true potential, their self sabotage mechanisms and the archetypes that influence their psyche and their life.

Determining your archetypal constellation or sacred contract is one of the most powerful ways to gain greater self awareness, clarity and to step into your true potential.

What are Archetypes?

Archetypes were discovered by Carl Jung he described them as the forms,  images and characters that occur all over the earth.  

These images find their way into ancient religions, myths, legends,  fairy tales, films and stories.  We are all unconsciously familiar with Archetypes – we recognize identifiable archetypes such as Mother, Father, Hero, King, Magician, Warrior, Love, Prince and Princess.  The number of archetypes we encounter are innumerable.   

The conscious identification of our archetypes can help us understand our and other people’s behaviours.  In fact archetypes are actively used throughout the arts, media and advertising. From a business and career perspective Archetypes are employed in advertising, branding and leadership and in modified form into personality types.  

The Sacred Contract (as created by Caroline Myss) or Archetypal constellation is our own unique constellation of archetypes.  These highlight our strengths, greatest potential and challenges we will face in life.

An Archetypal session with Daniel address the following:

  1. How do I find my life purpose?
  2. Achieving greater clarity and peace of mind
  3. How do I reach the next level of growth and development for me and or my business or career
  4. How can I overcome patterns of procrastination and self sabotage
  5. What are my natural talents for career or business? 
  6. What archetypes can I draw on to develop in other areas?
  7. How do I best sell my services or how do I sell my personal brand?
  8. How do I increase my personal power and leadership?

How a consultation works:

A consultation takes place over 2 hours with a follow up consultation a few days later.  In the session you will take a 20,000 ft view of your life and look at the common themes in your life as well as aspects of your personality.

You will leave with an overview of your archetypes, your archetypal constellation and your personal guidance for reaching your potential with your archetypes.

The session comes with a workbook and the audio is recorded for your review.

To book your consultation click the link below or call  (+44) 07782281809



“My session with Daniel was highly informative it really helped me to recognize certain patterns that limited my success. It was fascinating to see where I can be in the grip of an archetype and how I can change that around.  It also helped me to further capitalise on the archetypes that help me realise my highest potential.   Since the session I have noticed a difference in my mindset and behaviors to the extent that different people have been showing up in my life.”

Sara Ellis,  Hypnotherapist, Harley Street –

“Daniel has conducted sessions for myself and my team.  It has given me a deeper understanding of how I approach life (challenges, opportunities and solutions) more awareness, greater personal accountability and more control in the situations one finds themselves in life and business.   I now have a greater capability to deal with a wide number of situations. I no longer see myself as one dimensional in terms of personality.  I can step into a range of archetypes to deal with different situations more powerfully.

The awareness of my personal archetypes has also improved my abilities as a leader.  It is now easier easier to understand, appreciate and lead my team.”

Co-founder & CEO at Satopia Group

It was a really enjoyable couple of sessions that gave me insight and clarity on my role in life, my past, the future and the various hats I wear as a business owner, athlete and someone who is champion for environmental causes and making the planet a better place. Having got to a certain level of success in business I am taking on some new creative projects which are quite challenging but will make a big difference in the world. and help to raise the consciousness of humanity.  The reading confirmed this sense of my life purpose, showed me where to start, what to look out for and take care of. Now the doubt has eroded  and I know that I’m on track,

Tom McGibbon,  CEO – The People Foundry

“I’d never been into archetypes, but was attracted by how Daniel engages with them to help people find their way forward; just what I needed for the next chapter of my life as I move on from my ‘day job’. Daniel helped me identify my 12 archetypes, and then did a couple of readings. The messages from my archetypes confirmed my role as a healer, and pointed to two specific actions to help me develop it further – to review and consolidate what I’ve already learned, and to let my artistry surface again. I feel much lighter and empowered now and synchronicities are emerging as I communicate with my archetypes. Thank you Daniel!

May Johnstone, Delicious Healing

I had been studying the archetypes for years so know how important they were. I was intrigued to find out more.  I felt I would gain a lot from a reading.

The reading was very inspiring.  The career and love life information was scarily accurate. It revealed how I kept creating the same patterns that limited me.  It was a moment of clarity and huge wake up call

Ever since then I’ve been aware how these archetypal aspects run my life and how I need to evolve certain aspects of my archetypes or they will just take over.  Now when I notice these archetypal patterns I catch myself and I can now evolve them.  Before I wouldn’t even see it.

Career-wise I was encouraged by the discovery of the archetypes.  It highlighted my strengths.  I am more in action in those areas. It also revealed which archetypes were not being utilised and I have worked with these also.

I now take a more objective view of how I tend to show up and there is more integrity in how my archetypes show up.

Angelique Tsang – Headhunter

I came across Daniel’s work whilst I was doing a major review of my business and relationship with it. The process and Daniel’s insights were both immensely helpful in highlighting those parts of me that were frustrated and under-used. I have now re-shaped my offering which more fully expresses my archetypal range and capability.  I now have a process for inner dialogue with my archetypes which is invaluable.

Moriah Hope, -Time to Think