Accessing Wisdom and Intuition

The deepest part of you already KNOWS
It knows no matter what choice you make you will be able to handle whatever comes up
It knows it has the power to undergo hardship and emerge on the other side
It knows it has the power to overcome any challenge in its path
It knows it has the ability to tolerate great suffering
It knows it has the ability to live in great joy
It has the grace to allow you to make whatever decision you want to make
And when you (ego) are ready to listen it will be there
There is a part in each of us that is powerful, all knowing and wise
This is the source of our intuition.
When you tap into this you gain clarity, wisdom and intuition, everything becomes possible
Unfortunately most of us are taught to disregard this, especially professionals.  We are taught to operate from the left brain only. To be always solving problems and doing.
So how do we access this intuition?  Contemplation.
The great inventors of the 20th century had time to contemplate.  They sat doing nothing allowing themselves to ponder.  They were open to receiving new insights, insights that come from doing nothing.
In our age we are too geared towards action. Mindfulness goes someway to access this space however for some mindfulness is another to do.  Another task to do in order to make the day more bearable.
So how do we access intuition by making time for it.  With training we can learn to access this in less time.  Paradoxically in order to speed up access to this state we need to be prepared to slow down.
We need to slow down to speed up.

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